My pottery is a constant exploration of shape, design, and color. I enjoy inventing pieces that fit my needs and hopefully others as well. When I create a piece of pottery, I am looking to make that piece unique, either giving it whimsy or making it beautiful or both and adding movement to give life to the piece.

I work using colored clay which creates the design in my pottery. I add high fire colorants to the white stoneware clay body. I use solid clay colors or stack several colors of clay together, manipulating them to produce a design and then roll that into a clay slab using a rolling pin. I create two slabs with similar designs on them, use a template to position the design and cut out the sides. These are attached to a base. If the piece has a handle or handles, these are pulled or extruded and attached at this time.

I have a Graphic Design degree from PSU. Photos of my work are included in Hand Built Ceramics and 500 pitchers.

Upcoming Events:

Little Things, November 20-December 27, Guardino Gallery, 2939 NE Alberta St., Portland and online at

Virtual Marketplace: Gifts for all Occasions, November 25-December 17,